Method of payment

And safety of the transactions

You have the following payment methods at the validation of your order on the website

Method of payment

   - Payment by Visa, Mastercard, Postcard
   - Payment by bank transfer or Yellownet
   - The invoice payment in Switzerland
   - Payment by check in euros

Payment card

After validating the order, and choosing a payment card, you are automatically redirected to the secure payment server (SSL) Saferpay.

Upon acceptance or refusal of payment, you will receive two emails: one of Saferpay and one of

The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a safe and reliable system. uses this solution is for all online transactions.

Your bank details entered at the time of payment are encrypted and secured by the bank that you have selected.

To make sure that you are in a secure area on the page address in your browser starts with "https://" (the "s" means secure). You can also see who owns the certificate by clicking on the padlock in the bottom right of your favorite Internet browser.

No data of payment is stored on servers '', thus removing any attempted fraud or hacking site.

The encryption service is provided by the company Saferpay collection.

Payment by bank transfer or postal

After validating the order, and choosing a payment by bank transfer, you receive an email confirmation. Below you will find the information bank so you can make your transfer. Thank you to specify in the transfer order, your  order's number to facilitate the identification of your payment. For information, a bank or postal transfer usually takes 24 hours to 72 hours, worked days.

Upon receipt of your payment, sends you an email confirmation and send you your order.

Bank details

Bank: Raiffeisen Bank of Mont-Aubert Orbe
Address: CH-1442 Montagny-près-Yverdon
Owner: Centre Christian Piaget Sàrl
Clearing No.: 80401
Post No. 01-30679-7
IBAN: CH79 8080 8009 5169 8955 8

Payment by invoice Switzerland

Upon receipt of your order, an email confirmation is sent to you by '' and merchandise will be sent with an invoice and a payment slip. You agree to settle within 30 days upon receipt of your order.

Payment by check in euros

Upon receipt of your order and your check in euro, addressed to: Centre Christian Piaget Sàrl, La Frêtaz 2, CH-1453 Bullet, '' agrees to send you your purchases and send you an email confirmation.