William Blake, Painter Poet

Christian Piaget, Editeur & Fabricant
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Author: Dr. Shuddhananda Bharati

William Blake was a mystic artist, who lived in an imaginary dreamland. The dream of art was his life and breath. People of his time called him crazy. Only later did the world know him as an artist genius, one who lived for art, and celebrated him. Today’s world celebrates his epic poems and paintings. There is much new English research on these.

This mystic artist’s life and words will continue to live in our literature. Kavi Yogi Dr. Shuddhananda Bharati in this book describes the history, poems and art of William Blake. This book clearly describes the life of a true artist. Let this artistic book of the divine karpaga tree flourish in the grove of renaissance!

More details here extracts William Blake (pdf)

ISBN : 978-2-940393-66-4, size 114 x 183 mm, 104 pages