Martin Brofmann

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Preface of Martin Brofman for the book Guiding Lights

In this highly devotional work, Dr. Bharati shares his insights and his personal experiences of those Beings whom he considers as Guiding Lights in his personal life, as well as in the evolution of our planetary consciousness. Reading these accounts, one cannot help but be impressed with the knowledge of the writer as well as the depth of the philosophies being shared.

This book is for anyone interested in the history and philosophies of India, and of those who have contributed to its evolution. For those new to the ideas presented, it is a fascinating and detailed glimpse into the consciousness of someone having spent years at the feet of the Masters – and for those already familiar with the culture and religion of India, a lovely reminder of the living philosophies of this highly spiritual region.

As one reads the author’s accounts of the evolved Beings he has met and spent time with, one may notice the parallel process in the consciousness accompanying the words being read – ideas stimulated by the remarkable lives being described and their dedication to the ideals they personified.

When one reads of the amazing number of these remarkable Beings the author has spent time with, one can only be impressed, considering that his path may well have had as its purpose the recounting of his experiences, as shared in this beautiful and detailed writing.

Martin Brofman