72 Mela Kartha Ragas

Christian Piaget, Editeur & Fabricant
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Author: Dr. Shuddhananda Bharati

The light of affection to Shuddha Shakti! I am always delighted by your blessing! With devotion, to have success, the Melarnava mala in the world gives us the thala raga attraction. My life has passed with meditation, songs, loneliness and delight since the age of five. Knowing this, Poornananda Bharati heard my songs and inspired me. He is brother to my maternal grandfather. He went to the Himalayas at a young age and attained Atmic status.

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My mentor, a great sage called Jnana Siddha, trained me in Shuddha equi-yogic practices. I meditated at the feet of Swami Siddharoodar, Shirdi Say Baba, Bhagwan Ramana Maharshi and Pooranayogi Aurobindo and developed the equi-yoga power. This power gave the inner inspiration and called me to sing. I made the songs as the practice of worship. What I learnt, heard and knew; everything is the blessing of Shuddha Shakti Paramatman. Message from Shuddhananda Bharati.

More details here extracts Shuddhananda Melarnavam (pdf)

Here the extracts of this 72 Mela Kartha Ragas

ISBN : 978-2-940393-73-2, size 148 x 210 mm, 138 pages